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Microcredential in Renewable Energy Technologies

Level 4
10 weeks

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Awarding body: Swansea University

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The Microcredential in Renewable Energy is a 20 credit, Level 4 module that is a standalone qualification. The qualification aims to provide learners with a systematic understanding of current knowledge, problems and insights in the field of renewable energy technology.

Each technology will be examined in regards to the relevant physical principles, the main technologies involved, their costs, environmental impact, the size of the potential renewable resource, as well as their future prospects.  

The qualification learning outcomes are:

  • To obtain knowledge and understanding of the established techniques of renewable energy technologies, assess the available renewable energy systems, design and select appropriate collection and storage, as well as optimise and evaluate system designs
  • To acquire and develop practical skills to design different systems, as well as to analyse and predict its performance. Evaluate the overall performance of systems and to demonstrate the benefits of these technologies
  • Develop the ability to apply this knowledge practically, especially for solar thermal, solar photovoltaic and wind.

Key information

Combinations of the qualifications below are acceptable, and other qualifications not listed may also be accepted on an individual basis:

  • Typical A-Level offer: DD
  • Typical BTEC offer: relevant BTEC Level 3 profile of Merit/Pass or Pass/Pass/Pass
  • Typical Welsh Bacc offer: Grade C and DE at A Level
  • Typical Access to HE offer: Pass Diploma with 60 credits overall to include 45 Level 3 credits all passes.

Candidates who do not possess normal minimum entry qualifications e.g. mature students with relevant employment experience, will be considered on an individual basis by the programme lead and other members of the programme team.

The qualification will be delivered over 25 contact hours and 15 hours non-contact online.

The sessions will be broken down into:

  • One day (seven hours) as an introduction at the beginning of the microcredential
  • One day (seven hours) in the middle of the course
  • One day (seven hours) towards the end of the course
  • Two x two hour tutorials will be available online
  • The last 15 hours of the course will be online work that students make their way through between contact hours.

You will be expected to study in your own time to complete this qualification.


The qualification will be assessed through three primary assessments:

  • A 1000 word written assignment 
  • A 10 minute discussion
  • A 1500 word report, accompanied by a 10 minute presentation.

This microcredential is designed to be a standalone qualification for professionals within the industry or aiming to work in the industry. There are other microcredentials that you can apply for both within Gower College Swansea and Swansea University. 

Course costs

£750 although funding may be available to those who live or work in Swansea.

Course duration

10 weeks.

Additional fees

There may be additional costs associated with this course i.e.

Travel to and from College, or placement  
Photocopying, stationery and equipment costs (e.g. USB sticks).


Telephone: Higher Education team 01792 284098