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Independent Living Skills (ILS)

The ILS department is made up of around 160 students with varying abilities and needs. We work on a curriculum that is designed to meet learners’ desired outcomes and aspirational goals. The ILS curriculum is based around four pillars:

  • Employability
  • Community
  • Independent living skills
  • Health and wellbeing.

At the beginning of the first term, you will be assessed and placed onto an appropriate pathway. There are three pathway levels and individual targets will be set for all learners for each of the four pillars. You will work towards these targets through a variety of projects and community-based activities. Progress will be reviewed every term.

Literacy and numeracy will be embedded into the four pillars so you will continue to work on these skills during your time at College. Students following Pathway 3 courses will also receive discrete numeracy and literacy lessons to support their progression at College or to achieve employment. You will also be given the opportunity to improve GCSE Maths and English grades.

Double Empathy Programme (autistic learners)

This course is specifically designed to support autistic students’ transition who are often planning to attend a mainstream course but need some extra time to prepare for this. 

You will also have the opportunity to improve your GCSE English and Maths grade if this is a priority for your next step. 

What are the benefits of non-accredited provision for learners with ALN? 

  • Allows for a greater degree of personalisation in your studies
  • Easier to build a curriculum around your needs and interests
  • Pace of learning can be guided by your progress
  • Can be linked very closely to your goals and planned outcomes 
  • Easier to recognise small steps of progress and achievements
  • Flexibility.

Frequently asked questions

This will depend on which pathway you are on. 

Pathway 1 (four days)
Pathway 2 (four days)
Pathway 3 (three days)
Autism course (four days)

Each course runs for one academic year. At the end of each year, you will have a review to decide if another year is the best option for you. Most learners will be in the department for two or three years full time, depending on progression and pathways.

Every student will have a personal tutor along with a support worker who will be your point of contact. Some learners may require extra support depending on their needs. These arrangements will be made with the support manager prior to coming to College.

The College has a team of Student Support Officers available to students who require additional support outside their studies. SSO’s can assist with a variety of issues that may occur during the academic year.

For maths, numeracy and English language, this could be an option and you will need to be assessed by our GCSE team to see if this is a possibility. Some GCSE classes run outside the ILS curriculum so you may need to make your own arrangements to attend these classes.

If this is part of the pathway you are on and is something you would like to do, we can explore this option with our work experience team.

Depending on your progression at College, you could have the opportunity to do the following:

  • Paid, supported employment
  • Supported internship
  • Progression to higher level further education
  • Accessing adult services
  • Full or part time employment 
  • Part time courses.